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Ace Aptitude tests from JP Morgan to UBS and more

As you start applying for the Summer analyst and Graduate analyst roles across financial institutions and investment banks, remember that you will need solid preparation for the initial screening stages so that you don't get rejected too early without reaching the interview stages.

Most top banks like MS and GS have opened their programs. Of course you must apply for multiple roles but various firms employ different aptitude test systems. So NOW is the time to start familiarising yourself with the special features of popular apt tests, common pitfalls to avoid, scoring systems (yes, wrong answers can get marks deduction 😨) and the newer AI-based screening systems. Here’s a snapshot of the popular Apt tests:

➡ SHL/CEB/ Gartner (e.g. Hang Seng, Deloitte, MTR, Swire, Barclays)

➡ Cut-e (e.g. KPMG, UBS, Morgan Stanley)

➡ Talent Q (e.g. Macquarie) 

➡ GradACE (e.g. HKEx)


➡ CAPP System (e.g. HSBC and Jardines) 

➡ Professional Learning Indicator: PLI system (e.g. DBS)

➡ Skyrise/ Pymetrics Game : (PwC, Blackstone)

➡ Big Boss: Oliver Wyman, Bain, McKinsey

To save you from more stress, we’ve compiled comprehensive Apt test training resources and sample questions (yes, of ALL the important Apt Test systems) that proved useful to our coaching program students in beating the psychometric tests for IB / advisory / banking roles across Hong, Singapore, and the UK.:

We organize the 2024/2025 IBCoaching Program to prepare students for the IB applications.

Program Participants in the past have successfully secured multiple FO offers from BBs like MS/ Barclays/ UBS. 

You can directly book a free demo and career advising session via:

[The IB Career Coaching 2024/2025 has kickstarted enrolment now!!]

Each year IBankCoaching runs the career coaching program for undergraduate and postgraduate students like you to get into Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Asset Management/ Private Banking and Research.

In the 10 years we have helped 2000+ graduates to secure 3500+ offers across Hong Kong, London and Singapore.

⭐️If you are interested to know more, you can register for a free demo and get career advice for 2025 applications via:

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