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Going from No Internships to Securing a Bulge Bracket M&A team Offer

When Louis joined the IBankCoaching program, he didn’t have any internship experience and was struggling to make it through various stages of interviews, even the initial ones. His disappointment led to frustration, as the job market was especially challenging at the time, and competition was fierce. In addition to this, he dint have a clear plan to upgrade his technical knowledge, which proved to be another barrier in getting Investment Banking Division internships.

We worked with Louis to first identify his career goals. Given his preference for asset management and IB, we set a tailored roadmap given that he didn't have much of corporate finance exposure in his university curriculum. 

Since he struggled to get HireVues, we refined his CV with more industry-specific keywords and focused on a more outcome-oriented writing style to ensure his CV could clear the initial screening stages. His cover letter too required special attention to display genuine interest and competence given the lack of internships.

We encouraged him to take on more investment society experience, case competitions, and corporate finance-related electives in school to show how he still invested other efforts to train up skills in financial modeling, DCF, and grasp of Mergers, IPOs and other deals.


Louis joined weekly assessment center and interview training sessions to sharpen his interview skills for both technical and fit/ personality questions. He also participated in numerous IB training sessions conducted by industry experts to refine his technical knowledge. 

His interview skills improved dramatically and he had much more confidence in his ability to express himself. Instead of just focusing on BB banks, he diversified, applying for Summer Analyst roles with boutique IBs and consulting firms managing deals advisory clients. He landed internships with a boutique advisory and then an asset management firm in the same year with just a few months of dedicated effort 😎.

He impressed his recruiters with his strong storytelling skills and technical acumen despite the limited work exposure. 

Backed with such experiences, Louis eventually got an interview with a Top 3 M&A league table bank, Louis went on to successfully secure a full-time graduate role with their specialised M&A team in Singapore!

Most Investment Banks' summer analyst and grad roles like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan will open in June and July while others including BlackRock are already accepting applications. Singapore and UK currently have a lot more 2024 roles still open, even higher than HK.

If you're curious about what 3 things you could do to still land offers from your target investment bank teams, you may sign up for a tailored career advisory session with the IBankCoaching team.

[IB Career Coaching 2024/2025 begins enrolment soon]

Each year IBankCoaching runs the career coaching program for undergraduate and postgraduate students like you to get into Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Asset Management/ Private Banking and Research.

In the 10 years we have helped 2000+ graduates to secure 3500+ offers across Hong Kong, London and Singapore.

⭐️If you are interested to know more, you can register for a free demo and get career advice for 2025 applications via:

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