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How to Secure an MBB Consulting Offer with an ‘Average’ CV- Nicola’s success story

Nicola Chan came to us with a commercial banking internship and a Big 4 advisory/ consulting experience under her belt. As an undergraduate student from a local Hong Kong university, her aim was to get into one of the MBB firms (McKinsey, BCG, and Bain) as she wanted to pursue her career path in consulting.

However, during our initial career advisory and planning sessions, we explained how cracking these roles would be difficult considering the extremely limited headcount. In fact, Bain in the last few years has recruited barely any Hong Kong student. To top it off, she had no major case competition wins that put her at some disadvantage with MBBs since they value leadership traits and experiences, looking for more well-rounded candidates. 

Despite the expectation setting, Nicola was quite determined to pursue consulting and advisory with an MBB firm. 

What was her preparation like? 

She practised over 45 consulting cases with 3 different MBB coaches, attending both in group sessions as well as some individual ones. Nicola prepared scripts for potential interview questions, undertaking multiple mock interviews with our specialists. She also participated in more case competitions to further strengthen her resume for target roles while polishing her communication and pitching skills.

Nicola cracked a summer analyst offer with one of the MBB firms last year with all the persistent effort she put in. But with the strategy she built with us, it helped her secure two other offers to ensure that she diversified her risk and would have more options to choose from in the end. 

If you aspire for a consulting career and seem to be hitting a roadblock, you’ll need to assess multiple aspects of your application. We’ll show you how you can identify and address the weak spots and turn them into your strengths. 

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