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Lack of Direction to a Promising S&T Career

William was one of those students who worked hard and tried his best but wasn’t really passionate about what he was currently doing (he was pursuing a Science degree at the time) and struggling to stay motivated. He knew he was interested in working with numbers but beyond that, he really didn’t know what he wanted to do.

He joined our 2-year programme and we got to work getting to know him. On top of enjoying working with numbers, we quickly realized he had very strong critical thinking and analytical skills, and he was also really good at using his skills to problem-solve and produce positive results. As individuals, we all tend to be our own worst critics, thus, he didn’t realize these were significant strengths until we discussed how he could play them as strengths over traditional finance students. 

We then asked him to adopt a strategy of trying a number of different areas to see which ones worked well for him and which didn’t. Our team worked with him to polish his CV and tailor cover letters to target roles. We aided him in improving his technical and product knowledge through our weekly training sessions. His confidence grew quickly and we were highly impressed with how fast he was learning.

William studied our job resources diligently and sent out around 30+ applications. Eventually, he secured internships in commercial and then corporate banking, later progressing to an excellent role in sales and trading with Société Générale! 🎉🎉 

We are so proud of William, as he genuinely worked hard to find his place in the finance industry, and was successful in doing so. He’s a clear example of how, even when you’re unsure, you can figure out what your calling is and achieve it.

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