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🚨Management Consulting Hiring Trends 2024: Exclusive Industry Insider Insights 🚨

Early bird applicants will have the best chance to get interview calls as consulting firm recruitments pick up for #summeranalysts and graduate roles in the coming months. 

Meet our industry expert with almost a decade of experience in consulting and deals advisory to who will decode the best target #managementconsulting and advisory roles students must target, application processes, deadlines, and most promising regions across UK/ Singapore/ Hong Kong. 

(Scroll down 👇 for dates & other details)

The Market Size of the Consulting Industry across the 3 regions: 

UK: USD15.2 billion (2023)

South-East Asia: USD 6.49 billion (2023) (Singapore has a substantial share)

HK: USD 4.99 billion (2021)

Based on the market size, UK has way more consulting opportunities than Hong Kong and Singapore. What firms are available in each region for students to target summer internships and graduate offers?

➡ Singapore: MBB firms, Big 4 advisory, #LEKConsulting #RolandBerger 

➡ London: MBB firms, Big 4 advisory, #LEKConsulting #Kearney #Mercer #alvarezmarsal #arup etc.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that advisory is easier to crack than investment banking since the application strategy for investment banks versus consulting is different in addition to even the CV and skills assessment. 

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