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Meet the Top Advisory/ Consulting Honchos You Should Target for 2024 & 2025 Internships & Grad Programs

Students can expect a better consulting headcount for summer intern and graduate roles in the upcoming recruitment cycle, even while investment bank hirings are catching up. This is because when investment banks/banks do poorly, they will think of ways to change their strategy, so they need consulting companies to provide professional advice for restructuring. 

But which top firms can you target this year & why? Check out these 2024 early rankings 

The ranking is mainly based on 3 criteria:

➡ Income

➡ Reputation: highest, high, medium, small

➡ Employee considerations: professional opportunities, work-life balance, compensation, etc.

🔟 Porsche Consulting

9️⃣ Oliver Wyman

8️⃣ OC&C Strategy Consultants

7️⃣ L.E.K Consulting


5️⃣EY- Parthenon

4️⃣Advancy: French strategic consulting firm that mainly provides clients with in-depth industry insights focused on Consumer Goods, Life Science and Chemicals. With about 300 employees, the firm is also popular for organising annual employee retreats 😍

💰Annual revenue: US$90 million

Noteworthy considerations: No travel requirements, laid back culture, above average work-life balance

3️⃣McKinsey: Consistently ranked as the most valuable company in the consulting industry. Since its founding in 1926, the company has more than 38,000 employees in 120+ offices globally. While it's known to prefer hiring from Ivy League background McKinsey is also famous for hiring some students with non-business degrees!

💰Annual revenue: $13.5B

Noteworthy considerations: Good benefits, but the turnover rate for young adults is quite high, there are several career opportunities, the working hours are long with constant travel

2️⃣Boston Consulting Group (BCG): Focuses on strategic consulting. With approximately 25,000 employees in 90 offices worldwide, BCG is consistently ranked as one of the best places to work in, despite the long hours. The company also provides unique programs for strong performers, such as Strategy Lab and BCG fellow program. BCG also offers a number of diversity-focused programs and internship opportunities (this is also one of the company’s core values)

💰Annual revenue: $11.7B

Noteworthy considerations: long working hours and demanding work culture

1️⃣Bain & Co

Bain & Co. is the youngest of the world's top three consulting firms. This company attaches great importance to teamwork and has more than 13,000 employees in 50 offices around the world. Although my working hours at Bain & Co. are long, I can still work on some interesting projects and great exit opportunities. The firm's local staffing model means that the locations of these projects will be as close as possible to each local office.

💰Annual revenue: $6B

Noteworthy considerations: long working hours

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