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Transforming from Failing Interviews to a Confident IB Interview Pro

Evie came to us after she'd bombed a couple of high stakes interviews. 

While she did get HireVue (video-based recorded) interview invitations, they often didn't lead to the next assessment or in-person interview stage. So it was getting difficult to self-assess where exactly she was going wrong. 

She was especially worried about this as she was looking for a full-time graduate role but was not successful even though she had prior Investment Banking internship experience.

It was evident that her CV was strong enough to pass initial screenings since she did make it to HireVue stage. 

We worked closely with Evie to address her various pain points. Through one-on-one coaching, we helped her develop a roadmap tailored to her career goals. It gave her the clarity she needed to identify the most high value target roles that she'd earlier given a miss or not invested enough time to prepare for. 

This raised the number of applications that converted to interview opportunities for roles where her skills could be valued.

To overcome the "interview brain freeze" issue, Evie worked diligently with us in group trainings and one-on-one sessions. She was most impressed by the wealth of interview practice resources she got access to. Drafting scripts for most expected interview questions (especially for her target firm/roles), joining unscripted mock CV-based interview questions boosted her confidence significantly in navigating unexpected / challenging questions. 

She received insights from our industry insider coaches who quizzed and briefed her to strengthen her technical and market knowledge. 

Armed with a sense of newfound confidence to back up her technical knowledge, Evie was able to finally take on multiple interviews AND ace them! She successfully secured a full-time graduate role in the highly prestigious financial institution and bank, hashtag

BNP Paribas through her determination and willingness to learn.

⭐️ Find us for a personalised career insights session if you want to break into Investment Banking and Banking as an undergrad or grad student (Hong Kong / Singapore/ UK).

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Each year IBankCoaching runs the career coaching program for undergraduate and postgraduate students like you to get into Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Asset Management/ Private Banking and Research.

In the 10 years we have helped 2000+ graduates to secure 3500+ offers across Hong Kong, London and Singapore.

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